Pre-planned tours

Morning or afternoon diving and snorkeling.
Please contact us for booking.


Tailor – made excursions

Look into our dive spots and choose the ones you prefer best.

Our team are experts in planning. We shall discuss with you and cater to your needs, to create a truly personalized excursion. Please contact us for details.


Group of divers

Whether you are a travel agency, a diving club, a company, or a University, please contact us for suitable packages.


Full dive gear package (except for dive computer)

For each person holding a Nitrox certification and dives with us, we provide complimentary Nitrox mixture (up to 40% in oxygen content) for every dive with us.

Any questions on availability, pricing and cancellation policy?

Please contact us.


BEFORE BOOKING YOUR DIVE, we shall ask you the following:

  • Are you certified? (*)
  • When have you been certified as a scuba diver?
  • What is your experience (number of dives)?
  • When was the last time you have dived?


(*) even though some people know how to dive without ever being certified, we require all participants to show a Diver Certification from an internationally recognized scuba training agency.

Please email us your answers and any other questions you may have – we love to interact!